HSC Burn Units

Manitoba Firefighters Burn Unit, Dedicated 2007

The rehabilitation process for a burn survivor can be a long, painful one. When burns and inhalation injuries become life-threatening or are serious enough to require skin grafting or reconstructive surgery, Manitoba burn survivors are transferred to one of two Winnipeg-based burn units – the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Unit at the Health Sciences Centre and the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund Children’s Burn Unit at the Children’s Hospital.

Major burns require treatment from a specialized team of nurses, physicians, plastic surgeons, pulmonary specialists, psychologists, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists and social workers. To ensure that the burn units are equipped with the most advanced life-saving and care-giving equipment, the Burn Fund finances the purchase of specialized equipment for all stages of treatment, including emergency wards, operating theaters, intensive care units, burn units and rehabilitation.

Because of the dedication of the burn care teams and the commitment of the Burn Fund to support their work, Manitoba’s burn survivors receive the finest medical care possible.

Almost 30 years ago, a few firefighters recognized there was a need for equipment at the Burn Unit. The 1st fundraiser ever done for the Burn Fund was to raise funds for a heat shield that could be used on the burn unit to keep patients warm during dressing changes. Since then, the Burn Fund has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars towards the purchase of specialized equipment to aid in the treatment of burn survivors.

The Burn Fund is dedicated to making a difference in the treatment of burn survivors, providing such things as; low air loss beds, hydrotherapy baths, a conscious sedation cart, a metabolic cart, food pumps, training and supplies for a skin camouflage program, an operating microscope, conversion of rooms to create an Occupational Therapy facility within the Burn Unit and much more.

Supporting Research & Professional Development

The Burn Fund has long been a supporter of the burn care professionals in the province. We are committed to sponsoring educational programs for the Burn Care teams at the Health Sciences Centre’s CK3 Children’s Burn Unit, and GH5 Adult Burn Unit.

The Burn Fund is devoted to ensuring that these dedicated professionals can continue to provide the best patient care possible. This includes continuing education seminars, conferences, Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) courses and many other educational opportunities.

We also provide funding for public education officers across the province to be certified in the Youth Fire Stop Program to assist youth who are at risk for starting fires.

Fire Safety Trailer

The Firefighters Burn Fund, in partnership with Red River Mutual and the Office of the Fire Commissioner have purchased and delivered a fleet of 17 Fire Safety Trailers to Fire Departments throughout Manitoba. These are in addition to 5 other Trailers that were  previously purchased by the Burn Fund, making a total of 22 units in service. The trailers are being strategically placed so that they can be shared by approximately 150 different Fire Departments.

The Fire Safety Trailers are mobile classrooms in which firefighters will teach children about fire and safety hazards in different areas of their homes, and how they should conduct themselves in the event of an emergency. Lessons taught include topics such as: kitchen safety, what to do if the smoke detector is activated, how to call 911, checking a door for heat to determine if there is fire on the other side, crawling low in smoke. Children are also taught to create a home escape plan with their parents, always having 2 ways to exit the house, gathering at a pre-determined location, and calling 9-1-1 once safely out of the house.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial, moral and logistical support of Red River Mutual and the Office of the Fire Commissioner who have helped to make this $1,000,000.00 project possible. Our common goal is to prevent fires, and reduce the number of fire deaths and related injuries that occur each year.

Camp Phoenix

Camp Phoenix is for children and youth aged 6 to 16, who have been patients in the Childrens Hospital burn unit. Every year between 30 and 40 children and youth from Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut, attend Camp Phoenix. The camp is fully funded by the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund, is coordinated and staffed by Momenta with support from an Occupational Therapist that works with the campers in the hospital setting. Each year volunteers attend the camp to provide additional support, volunteers include camp alumni, firefighters, burn survivors, health and education professionals.  Camp Phoenix is one of the longest running camps in North America of its kind. and provides an environment for children to be themselves and talk with other burn survivors about their experiences.

For more information about Camp Phoenix, please contact...
Lise Brown,  204.250.8749
Lisa Forbes-Duchart, 204.787.3164
Ed Davidson, 204.254.3619
Sarah Jane Milne, 204.787.1519
Martin Johnson, 204.222.1574

Support For Burn Survivors

Mamingway Burn Survivor Society

The Society was started by health care professionals, the Burn Fund, and burn survivors from across the province to provide a place for people to come for support and information. The Burn Survivor Society has developed a support group as well as other programs to help survivors and their families deal with the injury.

There is a network of burn survivors willing to talk and share their experiences for someone recently injured or anyone having questions about the rehabilitation process or what life can be like after the burn has healed. The Burn Fund and the Mamingway Burn Survivor Society partnered to start the 1st ever Canadian National Burn Survivor Conference held in Winnipeg in 2005. This conference brought burn survivors from all over Canada to Winnipeg to hear from incredible speakers from across North America.

Burn Survivor Conference

A two day annual conference that brings together burn survivors and burn care professionals. A line-up of support-focused seminars and social events makes the conference enlightening and fun-filled.

Skin Camouflage Program

Operated by Occupational Therapy Services at the Health Sciences Centre, the Skin Camouflage Program teaches burn survivors how to apply specially designed creams to minimize the visual effects of scarring.


The Firefighter's Burn Fund Occupational Therapy Unit, JK3
Health Sciences Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lisa @ 204.787.3164

Young Adult Retreat

This young adult weekend retreat provides young adults age 18 – 30 with an environment to challenge them physically and mentally. The weekend is packed with speakers who encourage the group to grow in all areas, mentally, spiritually and physically. This provides adult burn survivors with the opportunity to connect and build lasting relationships through a common bond.

The Prevention Fund

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This is a fund established by the Firefighters Burn Fund designed to assist Fire Departments throughout Manitoba in the delivery of prevention programs in their respective communities. Each department knows what the fire prevention needs of its community are, but in some cases, does not have the funds to address them.

The Firefighters Burn Fund invites those Departments to submit an application for funding which would include an outline of the identified need, the source of supplies / goods that would help address their concerns, and an estimated cost.

The Firefighters Burn Fund will review each application and will consider funding the application in full, or in part (providing seed monies to help with the ultimate purchase of goods).

Applications should be submitted to the Secretary. The Firefighters Burn Fund may request further information in order to properly assess the request.

For more information, please contact…

Jack Hildebrand, Treasurer


Bursary Program

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Each year the Firefighters Burn Fund sets aside funds for up to six $1000 bursaries.

Applicants are young adult burn survivors who were patients in the Children’s Hospital Burn Unit who are now going on to post-secondary education / trade school.

For more information, please contact…

Martin Johnson, 204.222.1574
Jim Abram, 204.299.9105