2022 Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship Recipients

We congratulated 5 successful recipients of the Thomas W Hart Memorial Scholarship at our conference on September 10, 2022. Successful candidate Darian Lourenco was presented his award by members of the Hart family.

Not pictured are recipients Devon Hart, Natasha Partick, Shay-Lee Jackson, and Abigail Furutani.

Pictured above right to left – John Hart, Karen Hart, Hazel Booth, Timothy Gosnell, Loretta Gosnell, Darian Lourenco, and Tom Booth.

2021 Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Although there was no conference held in 2021 due to COVID 19 restrictions, we were able to award the Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship to the following recipients: Chase Howell, Darian Lourenco, Natasha Patrick, Devon Hart, and Abigail Furutani.

2020 Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship Recipients

We deeply regret not being able to hold an in-person conference, but the COVID 19 pandemic restrictions will not allow for a gathering. We have gone ahead with our scholarship program anyway! Our successful candidates for the Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship this year are: Chase Howell, Kira Lourenco and Shay-Lee Jackson.

Our New Logo!

Our deepest appreciation to Canadian artist Kal Barteski for modifying our logo! Kal created the original Mamingwey Burn Survivor Society logo back in 2003. As we are now the Mamingwey Burn Society Inc., Kal has graciously made the changes for us. Thanks so much Kal! If you would like to learn more about Kal or view her artwork or learn about her Polar Bear Fund, please visit her website!

2019 Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the 2 successful recipients of the Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship for 2019.

Dawson Blahey

Jared Heinrichs

Dawson Blahey is studying at the U of M and is in his second year of Agriculture and is majoring in Business Management.


Jared Heinrichs is studying Heavy Duty Equipment Technician at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon. He would like to be a heavy duty diesel mechanic.

Our recipients ( Jared Heinrich, Dawson Blahey) pictured with the Hart family members John Hart, Ellora Hart, Hazel Booth and Karen Hart.

2019 International Face Equality Week

On May 23, 2019 The Mamingwey Burn Survivor Society hosted a reception, as a part of International Face Equality Week, in order to raise awareness of the issue of facial discrimination. This event was one of 3 that will take place in Canada.

2018 Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the 7 successful recipients of the Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship for 2018.

Dawson Blahey

Amanda Brooks

Nathan Ferdais

Bridgette Harris

Kira Lourenco

Abigail Furutani

Jessica Klassen

Dawson Blahey

Dawson is studying at the University of Manitoba in the Diploma in Agriculture Course.

Amanda Brooks

Amanda is studying at Steinbach Bible College and hopes to work with youth in the future.

Nathan Ferdais

Nathan is studying at Red River College in the Mechanical Engineering Technician course, and plans to use this as as stepping stone to become an Aerospace Engineer.

Bridgette Harris

Bridgette is studying Health Information Management at Red River College, and plans to get her Science degree down the road.

Kira Lourenco

Kira is studying Nursing at Red River College, and plans to become a Nurse Practitioner in Oncology.

Abigail Furutani

Abigail is studying at Rochester Community Technical College (in Minnesota); she want to get a Photography Certificate and then a University degree in Photojournalism and/or Fine Arts.

Jessica Klassen

Jessica is currently in her final year of my Master’s in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Alberta. Her plan is to work with either preschoolers or adults who are experiencing issues with communication.

Our recipients (Dawson Blahey, Amanda Brooks,Nathan Ferdais and Bridgette Harris) pictured with the Hart family members John Hart, Karen Hart, Hazel Booth, Tom Booth and Ellora Hart . Not pictured (Abigail Furutani and Jessica Klassen)

Kira Lourenco and member of the Hart family, John Hart

Scholarship Guidelines & Application

The Thomas W Hart Memorial Scholarship is an educational scholarship open to any burn survivor or family member of a burn survivor who is continuing their education beyond high school and is a current or former resident of Manitoba, Canada.

HSC Burn Units

Manitoba Firefighters Burn Unit, Dedicated 2007

The rehabilitation process for a burn survivor can be a long, painful one. When burns and inhalation injuries become life-threatening or are serious enough to require skin grafting or reconstructive surgery, Manitoba burn survivors are transferred to one of two Winnipeg-based burn units – the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Unit at the Health Sciences Centre and the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund Children’s Burn Unit at the Children’s Hospital.

Major burns require treatment from a specialized team of nurses, physicians, plastic surgeons, pulmonary specialists, psychologists, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists and social workers. To ensure that the burn units are equipped with the most advanced life-saving and care-giving equipment, the Burn Fund finances the purchase of specialized equipment for all stages of treatment, including emergency wards, operating theaters, intensive care units, burn units and rehabilitation.

Because of the dedication of the burn care teams and the commitment of the Burn Fund to support their work, Manitoba’s burn survivors receive the finest medical care possible.

Almost 30 years ago, a few firefighters recognized there was a need for equipment at the Burn Unit. The 1st fundraiser ever done for the Burn Fund was to raise funds for a heat shield that could be used on the burn unit to keep patients warm during dressing changes. Since then, the Burn Fund has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars towards the purchase of specialized equipment to aid in the treatment of burn survivors.

The Burn Fund is dedicated to making a difference in the treatment of burn survivors, providing such things as; low air loss beds, hydrotherapy baths, a conscious sedation cart, a metabolic cart, food pumps, training and supplies for a skin camouflage program, an operating microscope, conversion of rooms to create an Occupational Therapy facility within the Burn Unit and much more.

Supporting Research & Professional Development

The Burn Fund has long been a supporter of the burn care professionals in the province. We are committed to sponsoring educational programs for the Burn Care teams at the Health Sciences Centre’s CK3 Children’s Burn Unit, and GH5 Adult Burn Unit.

The Burn Fund is devoted to ensuring that these dedicated professionals can continue to provide the best patient care possible. This includes continuing education seminars, conferences, Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) courses and many other educational opportunities.

We also provide funding for public education officers across the province to be certified in the Youth Fire Stop Program to assist youth who are at risk for starting fires.